Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nate and Meredith

Part two of the Madison trip was shooting Meredith and Nate's engagement session! This shoot is a (obviously) incredibly special to me, because Mere is my sister-in-law! Nate and I are the DeCaluwe tag-on's and share a bond by default because of that :)

Okay, so I remember the first time I heard about Nate. I was having dinner with my in-law's and Debbie (my mom-in-law!) told me that Mere has been spending a lot of time with this Nate guy, and she was really liking him. I was thrilled, and of course couldn't wait to meet him. Well...it took MONTHS before I finally got to meet him, and it was so easy to see that they fit well together. Nate balances out Meredith's carefree side, and Mere brings out the goofy side of him. They both like camping/outdoorsy stuff, exercising, and have managed to settle their sport team differences :) I'm not sure the family will ever forgive Mere for bringing a Packer fan into the family but....so far so good!!

I remember one weekend that Meredith and I shared a room for the night, and she was telling me more about him. I remember laying there listening to her, and realizing that although there were stars in her eyes, she spoke of this man with such respect, and admiration.

Nate, this girl is absolutely crazy about you :)

Okay! On to photos!

If you know Meredith...you know that 95% of her photos have her making a face in it. This one is just for posterity's sake!


I think Mere's hair is just FABULOUS in these next two. I originally had 9 of this first photo setting in the slideshow because her hair was so great in them all! Don't worry...I edited some out :)




And who doesn't love a green backdrop?


Mere and Nate I love you both. July will come fast!!

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