Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just a Tuesday

One of my momma's favorite sayings is "there will be good days, and there will be bad days, but mostly, there will just be days". Today was just a Tuesday. It was productive, moved along at a steady pace, and now it's time to wind down and just 'be'. I'm super excited about bedtime today :)

On a totally random note.....while I was cleaning up dinner, I was thinking about one of my most favorite women in the world, Ashley. I've talked about Ash before, but to summarize, she is the girlfriend I met once for literally 3 minutes several years ago, and ended up being best friends with via online chat. In fact, in the last, five years (I think?) I have actually been in the same room with Ash on exactly 4 occasions. And yet, we are best friends. She is the one I tell things that I can't say to anyone else. She is the one that dances to "Belly Dancer" with me, laughs at my idiocy, supports me in my career and general life and knows the deepest parts of my heart. God has certainly woven a very interesting relationship between the two of us! Anyway - all of that to say, I had an epiphany about our relationship halfway into cleaning the fondue pot. Ash is my diary. Honestly, if anyone were to get ahold of our chat history, it would be the story of my life! The nice thing about a book diary is that you can say whatever you want - no judgement, no disappointment from the "listener", just total pure acceptance and safety bubble. That's Ash! I'm going to start all chat conversations now with "Dear Ashley" :) If you don't have a dear diary friend - go find one!!! It's a "must have" in life!


Today's playlist stemmed from a low key, focused mood. Keith Urban "Love, Pain, and the whole crazy thing" was listened two at least three times through. That's a great CD if you need something new to listen to. The rest of the music was just background noise...nothing memorable!


matt and ashley said...

you just made me cryyy. and diary aside, you and i sure could write a crapload of novels. :) gosh, i love you.

Hilary said...

Hmm... so I love you and Ash... however, you need to post something NEW!!