Monday, April 27, 2009


I have unconscious play lists. I have 4 or 5 formal playlists, neatly organized in my Itunes, but I have a lot of "oh that's what I have to listen to right now!" moments, and I have to go dig out the 645th "Beth's Mix" CD from the stack, and wrack my brain to remember if the song I want is the 13th or 16th song on the CD.

Yes. I really do this.

I have a couple of fail safe songs. For instance: I ALWAYS listen to Akon's "Belly Dancer" on Fridays. Yes, I know it's a bagillion years old, but it makes me laugh and gets me moving!! When I'm struggling with life's curveballs, I have a variety to pick from, but one of my favorites is Natalie Grant's "Held", reminding me that when it's alllll said and done, God is still there holding me. Summer favorites range through ANYTHING country. Country music is always better with your windows down, speeding down the road, singing at the top of your lungs.

Todays playlist:

Sugarland "Enjoy the Ride" CD
The Wreckers "Leave the Pieces" CD
Miranda Lambert "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" CD

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casey said...

i definitely agree about the country music thing! i too, really ENJOY SUGARLAND....did you see them when they were on oprah? along with kenny chesney, darius rucker, and carrie underwoood. it was superb! have you heard darius' cd! i HIGHLY recommend it!