Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My amazing friend, and fellow photographer, Kristen wrote a blog post not long ago and started it with this (and I quote)

"Ok, so, you know when you see someone across the room that you kind of know, but you haven't seen in a while?
And then it's awkward when you make eye contact, and know you need to say hi but after it's been too long it almost makes it worse to say hi?

That's been me and my blog.

The end."

Thaaaat's how I feel about me and my blog right now. My dad sent me an incredulous email today about the lack of updating. I don't have any valid excuse other than pure laziness, which might be the worst part! So! That being said, I'm back to a month of posts. One a day for the rest of the month. They say it takes two weeks to establish a habit, and I'm DETERMINED to get this blog on my habit list!

Last weekend, I went to visit some friends of mine in Alabama. I haven't seen them since my wedding, and I must say, it was so great to spend time with them again. We spent Friday afternoon at my favorite place to visit in Birmingham - the botanical gardens. The property is SO beautiful, and it's right across the street from the zoo, and on a quiet day, you can hear the elephants chiming in :) There wasn't to much in bloom, but everything was GREEN, and let me tell you...after 6 months of dreary brown here at is the most beautiful color in the world to me. In an intense moment of sappiness - it was just a reminder that spring WILL come (despite the snow we got over the weekend) and that life will revive!

While we were there, there was a wedding that was getting ready to start...and I just couldn't resist grabbing a few shots :)


We saw the Groom coming out of the bathrooms, and my heart skipped a beat at the thought of a wedding. You could tell her was so uncomfortable in a suit...he kept tugging at his sleeves and rolling his shoulders. It was cute :)


Two of my favorite shots



And a small slideshow for good measure.

Good Night!


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth - really wonderful photos...
but I love your work anyway!!!
have a bright easter weekend,

Anonymous said...

love to see your stuff!