Sunday, July 26, 2009

Steve and Courtney :: Married!!

Steve and Courtney are just one of those couples that perfectly fit together. Steve is one of Nick's friends that actually stood up in our wedding, and he's.....interesting :) Nick and Steve have the most bizarre inside jokes and think the most off the wall things are hysterical. Courtney and I normally just end up sitting there shaking our heads at the two of them. But! Courtney gets Steve in ways that (literally) no one else does and she laughs at his little quirks, and perfectly complements him. They are so laid back together and comfortable with each other, and you can tell that they definitely fell in love with their best friend!

They got married at a golf course out here in Naperville, and the day was perfectly overcast and wonderfully cool all day. The rain even held off until all outdoor activities were over!

Here are just a few of my favorites from the day.



Courtney's eye's are so big and beautiful....I love them!



I LOVE the first moments the couple has alone after they've's pure joy!


Courtney kept warning me that she and Steve weren't photogenic....lies! All lies. They were so great!



And I just love how elegant Courtney is here....her dress, her hair, her her her!


This is probably my absolute favorite shot of the day. Courtney's little feet with the flip flop and flowers and her looking at Steve....UGH! I love it!!


Steve and Courtney, we love you guys so much and hope you are having a wonderful time in the DR! We demand a dinner date when you get back!


momo said...

great pictures! they are such a cute couple!!

Steve said...

I'm taking that "interesting" comment as a compliment, Beth! But need I remind you, that it's your husband who chooses to defile a great game like Apples to Apples!!! =) Thanks again for being the photog, the pics look great!

Captured Photography said...

I love your work! Beautiful! You really know how to capture those special moments! I am a fan! I also loved your work with Matt and Ashley's wedding...Ashley is a friend of mine from high school!

세안 said...

Beth! The pics are literally awesome! There's a great mixture of quirkiness, spontaneity, laughter, and of course, lots and lots of love!Can't wait till courtney shows everyone her album!

-Saying hi from Korea,