Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eric and Jess

Last Friday night, my sister called me with a slight note of panic in her voice and said that her friends daughter was getting married the next day, and the photographer had to cancel at the last minute! So Saturday morning I headed down to Indiana and met the lovely Jess and her handsome soon-to-be-husband.

This was an interesting experience for me, because I hadn't met Jess and Eric (affectionately known as "Cowboy" to those that know him well) prior to that day, so I knew nothing about them, as a couple, or as individuals, so everything was a surprise to me!! My sister had given me just a little bit of background, and told me that Eric was a Marine. I later learned from Jess that they met at a country dance event and it sounds like it was love at first sight! I so enjoyed watching them together as the day went by, and seeing their young love up close like that. It just felt fresh and fun and I found that when they look at each other, their eyes just sparkle. I loved it!!

Eric and Jess, thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your day. It was an honor to be a part of your story together, and my love and prayers go with you both as Eric heads back for another round of boot camp and deployment.

Just a few of my favorites before the slideshow...

Jess' dad, Scott, was FANTASTIC! He and Trish, Jess' mom, were all about their baby girl all day, making sure things ran smoothly for her. This photo just cracks me up...partly because of the stare down he was trying not to smile through, and partly because Eric is just grinning back at him, trying to match the stare!!

I looooooove these of is SO humbling to be with a man that has given his life to my country. I have several people in my life that have given years and years of their life to the service in some capacity, and I am always grateful for what they have done, but I don't think it really hits me as much as it should, especially after the way I just wanted to hug this man all day. Men and women like him that have literally sacrificed everything in life just live life to a completely different beat. Photographing this man seemed so insignificant in light of what he was doing with his life. Eric, my prayers and support go with you!



Before I get to the lovely bride, I have to show you this photo. I'm not quite sure why, but it makes me giggle almost uncontrollably! The guys didn't have much range of motion in their blues, and they valiantly did their best!!

Okay, people. Jess was GORGEOUS. She wore the most fantastic pink/yellow/orangish dress and cowboy boots. Those things, combined with her fantastic red hair (I know you hate it jess, but it's so so pretty!!) was a beautiful combination. My eyes get glued to this photo everytime I scroll past it!


Everyone - this is Cowboy and Jess.



I'm having some issues getting the slideshow to imbed here, so click **HERE** to see the slideshow!!


trish said...

You are so amazing! You and Gwen made this very cheap and very rushed wedding the most amazing day!! I am not a crier... i am still bawling!!! I dont know what to say or how i could EVER make it up to you! I dont have enough wall space to put up all the pics.. i see many collage frames in my future!! I have posted your website on my facebook and told everyone to go look and im taking my laptop everywhere and showing everybody!!! LOL Thank you SO much! Trish

casey said...


you have me crying in my cubical at work!! you are amazing! once again your talent and kindness blow me away!!

Gwen said...

I love these images hun. Thanks so much for helping out and capturing great memories for the kids. I love you!

momo said...

Wow. They are beautiful. Something about a man in uniform, I don't know. The bride was soooo sweet too!

Hilary said...

You got some AMAZING shots here!! Beautiful!