Monday, August 10, 2009

Growing Pains

It's been one of those days....where you realize that you've dropped the ball more than once, and by the time the 10th ball hits the ground, you are reduced to a crying mess, cleaning up the cup of root beer than you just knocked all over the coffee table and white carpet.

The growing pains in this business just aren't fun. And saying it like that doesn't make me feel like I've communicated the depths of my frustration for the day, but really... Every time I do something that I want to makes me feel like I'm either a. hitting my head against a brick wall or b. not following through well enough with a client, I try so hard to sit and think it through and figure out how to do it better or more efficiently next time. I WANT to do better, I WANT to make people happier, and there are very few things that discourage me faster than when I'm not succeeding at those two things. It makes me pray a lot that people have grace with me!

Internet - I WILL learn to do this better, and I WILL be a better business woman/photographer/friend to my clients. It might take a little longer than we would all hope, but I promise it's always a work in progress :)

Thankfully, my husband is here to love me in the midst of my most inefficient moments. Nick, thank you for stroking my back, making me laugh, and cleaning up my spilled root beer.

Aaaaaand just because every post is better with a is a sneak peek of what's coming....




Kristin said...

I've been like that before...Im good at breaking down and letting it all out! Sometimes you just need to cry! I hope things get better and I am sure they will. You are an extremely talented photographer and you are truely wonderful person...

So..put a smile on that face! :)

Trish said...

I hope driving the 2 1/2 hours on a spur of the moment photo shoot for us didn't make you feel this way!! I was so VERY gratefull and TOTALLY GIDDY when i found out you were coming! My entire family thought you were amazing!!! I felt so silly when i gave you my notebook "brain" of the wedding with all the picture ideas in there! I hope you just put it down without looking at it!! LOL Gwen emailed me and said this was just a sneak peak of the full slideshow to come. I emailed back that i didnt know if i could handle the full one... these 2 pics made me bawl like a baby!!! And i dont cry!!! You are amazing and we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Trish

Anonymous said...

i REALLY appreciate you comin at the last minute! i loved every picture i saw. i can't wait to see the slideshow! thak you so much for comin!!! you're a great photographer!