Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nate and Meredith :: Married!!

Ohhhh weddings. I love them with everything in me! All the little details that pull together after months of planning to create a day that will stand out in memory for two specific people. And let me tell you...there were a TON of little details that went into this wedding. Meredith spent so much time attaching daisies to matching light blue and yellow papers for table cards and programs, their champagne flutes, bubbles, and any decoration that they would attach to! She (and Nate :) ) constructed a wedding day that had everything that perfectly suited them - all the way down to table cards that had opposing Wisconsin and Chicago sports figures.

Maybe you remember from reading about their engagement shoot, but Meredith is my fabulous, couldn't-ask-for-a-better sister in law. Mere is a teacher up in Wisconsin, and after soccer coaching was done for the summer, she headed home for the last few weeks before the wedding to finalize the details. She was so laid back about everything, content to know that if everything fell apart at the last minute - she was still going to end the day married. I love it when brides have that mindset! She kept the rest of us held together!

Friday morning dawned gooorgeous and sunny, and we all flocked to the salon for hair and then on to the church for food, dressing and makeup! I spent most of the day torn between holding my camera and just relaxing and living in the moment, from the other side of the lens. But! I had absolutely nothing to worry about, because my amazing friend, and fantastic photographer Jenni was there to shoot the day!! The photos from the slideshow are a mix of her shots and mine!

Okay! Enough writing for now...on to the gorgeous bride!!

Meredith was VERY strict about the men in her life (dad, brothers or Nate!) not seeing her dress until the wedding day. This photo is dad seeing her for the first time...

Meredith and Nate's home church is up in Wisconsin, so they did some looking around to find a church down here to get married at, and found a church that had stain glass windows on the sides that matched the wedding was meant to be! Their ceremony was so sweet, and SO perfect for them - all the way down to Meredith asking her brothers and mom to stand with her dad when he gave her away, the funny moments of her not-so-subtly reminding her maid of honor to fix her beautiful train, the way Nate wiped her tears and stood with his arm around her, instead of just holding her hand, and the way that he looked at her so intently, absolutely radiating love. perfect fashion...they danced down the aisle for their processional!

My ever-favorite wedding moment....the first few seconds of being alone after the ceremony...

Just a quick add-in about Steven (Nick's brother) and his wife, Heather...just because I love this photo!

Heather and I were bridal assistants, and actually remembered to grab a photo of just the three of us (thanks Heather!)!

My gorgeous SIL...

The happiest couple...


I loved this one - I think it's the way he's bending her!

And just one more...

Meredith...You were a fantastic bride, and I couldn't possibly love you more! Nate...welcome to the family.....I'm so glad I'm not the youngest anymore!!! ;)

Enjoy the slideshow....the ceremony, reception and all the boy's photos Jenni's!


momo said...

congratulations to Meridith and Nate...what a happy bride! Great pictures, beth and jen.

ajv592 said...

What an incredible day and a beautiful married couple, Meredith and Nate! Congratulations. Absolutely lovely photos to cherish forever.

Anonymous said...

Beth and Jenni did a fantastic job of capturing the joy of the day...
thanks to both of you for these beautiful mementoes!! And Beth, thanks for all of your help that whole're a gem!
Mom of the bride