Friday, September 4, 2009

Eric and Carolyn :: Married!!

Ahhhhhh weddings :) As this wedding season has moved along I have just fallen more and more in love with my job, with my clients and with love. And people like Eric and Carolyn make it all so easy!! They are one of those couples that welcome you into their lives, into their relationship and into their other friendships.

I have had the hardest time with this post and have struggled to find the right words to tell you about these two. There is something.....something about them that just doesn't seem to have a word to fit. I mean, I could absolutely tell you about this petite little woman that looked like cinderella in her dress who patiently waited to see her groom. I could tell you about the wedding party that was rambunctious and fun and surrounded these two all day. I could tell you about the groom that was just SO excited to get that tap on his shoulder for his first look at his bride. But somehow, none of those things are really what I want to say. So! I have decided to steal a part of Carolyn's vows to try to tell you about this "thing" these two have. She stood next to Eric during the ceremony and cried looking into his eyes and said "When I look at you, I see my best friend. The one I am most comfortable with..." THAT is what makes these two so significant. There are no pretenses with them, nothing fake or created and nothing that isn't completely genuine admiration, love and contentment. They have been together for a long time and their love has evolved into this beautiful contentment and comfortableness - knowing that they will always be by each others side, holding each other up, supporting each other, encouraging each other and loving each other. Knowing that no matter where life takes them, they are always coming home to each other. Settled. And let me tell's beautiful to see a love like that.

Eric and Carolyn, your day was beautiful and elegant and fun. I am so grateful that I have had this opportunity for your friendship and hope it carries on!

Okay - on to the evidence of the beautiful bride! The day started out at the salon with the girls, moved to lunch at the hotel, the ever-frantic dressing and last minute makeup/hair repairs and out the door to Cantigny!

First the Dress:

Then the dressing :)

First look - the anxious groom and the walking-with-barely-contained-excitement bride!

Purple dresses. Carolyn, I love you for the purple dresses!

Aaaaaand my favorites! Too precious!!




And THIS might be my favorite photo of ALL TIME.

Okay...Carolyn, don't hate me, but I have to post this photo! was wet and cold at this point of the day, and Carolyn was standing with water pooling over her feet. And still smiling!!

I love it I love it I love it! Eric and Carolyn you are fantastic!! Here is the slideshow!


Kristin said...

OH MY GOSH!!! that veil photo is amazing!!

Hilary said...

We make a great team. These are be-a-utiful.

momo said...

wow. amazing

Jorie W. said...

What a nice sneak peek at some Cantigny shots. They're beautiful. We can't wait until our day....

Jenni said...

beth!!! i think you get more and more amazing with every wedding!! you are my inspiration!
p.s. awesome song choice