Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tallyana Jewelry

Hi everyone! It has occurred to me that I've become one of those bloggers that drive me know..the kind that hasn't posted in a month? Well - there are some pretty serious changes coming for BethLaurren Photography and my mind power and time has been sucked into that for now!

One of the changes I'm making specifically to my blog is that I'm going to start posting about more than photography. I got into the wedding photography business because I. Love. Weddings. Everything about them. The dresses, the decorations, the favors, the planning, the details. Being at dozens of wedding over the last two years has done nothing but make me love it all more! So along with posting about my fabulous clients, I'm expanding to incorporate all things wedding! So keep checking back for ideas, tips, vendor profiles and more!

I'd like to start my vendor profile with the illustrious and beautiful Tally Atkinson, owner and creative mind behind Tallyana Jewelry. I ran across Tally's work on facebook and asked if I could do a profile peice on her, because I had just been talking with one of my brides that was lamenting that custom made jewelry is so pricey, but she couldn't find anything off the shelf that fit what she wanted. I saw Tally's work, and thought to myself that she was a perfect solution! I met up with her to take a few sample shots of her necklaces and do a mini interview...check it out!


How did Tallyana Jewelry come into being?: I originally just starting making jewelry just for myself. I enjoyed making necklaces to wear that were unique. Someone saw one of my pieces I was wearing and asked if I could make her one and she said that she would pay me for it! Of course I said yes! Once I gave it to her she put the idea in my head of making jewelry to sell. At first I didn’t really think that I ever would. Then randomly one day I just decided to start and give it a try, if I failed then it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I made four or five necklaces, made a blog and then prayed that I would sell them. I sold all of them within a couple weeks! So, I just decided to keep trying. That was a little over a year ago and now my jewelry style has evolved into something totally different than I ever imagined. I got a few ideas from some books, and then just ran with what seemed to be selling!


What is your vision for Tallyana Jewelry?: I love making jewelry that is unique, that someone would be so proud to wear everyday. I want to make jewelry that would truly express the person’s personality and life. Lastly, I want each piece to be eye catching and beautiful to look at.



Can a client come to you with a photo of piece they love and have you re-create it?: Yes definitely! Sometimes this is easier for me because I can see what they are really wanting. I try my hardest to make it look exactly like the picture.


Where do you find your materials?: Well, it depends on what the materials are. I get several things from several different places. I do a lot of shopping at antique stores for broaches and earrings, and some vintage beads and pearls. For all the findings and wire I get that at my local craft store, like JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s. I order my chain from a company in California that sells bulk 24k gold chain and Rhodium chain. (Rhodium is basically platinum chain, silver in color but made from gold.) I also get my leaves from the same company. They are real leaves that have been preserved in some way, and then hand painted with gold, copper, or rhodium.


How long does it typically take to make each piece?: Well again, there is a broad range of answers to this question. It really depends on what type of beads I am working with. When I work with seed bead strands it takes me considerably longer than when I would work with a pearl sized bead strand. It usually takes me up to 30 minutes to figure out my picture for the piece, what looks good together, if I will use a pattern etc. I lay the beads and materials out of my jewelry board first to make sure that I will like the finished product. Then I string the beads and attach the strands to anything that it needs to be attached to. So, all together it takes me anywhere from 1 ½ hours and 4 hours.


Give us one fun fact about you, as the artist: I am about to be a mom for the first time coming up this April or March! I hope to be able to continue to do my jewelry business so that I can work from home and take care of my baby!

And the beautiful Tally herself:


You can view more of Tally's work on her blog at, find her fanpage on facebook, or email her at

My first necklace is coming and I'm so excited about it!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Reflections and Resolutions

Last night, as midnight crept up on me....the moment felt epic. And then I laughed at myself, because EVERY new years date seems epic, but really nothing significant changes for me. I'm more likely to make life altering decisions in the middle of April, or just during that time of the month. Years ago I gave up the illusion that THIS was the year I'd finally run that marathon, or resolve to learn a new instrument. In my more recent years, I've looked new years day in the eye and giggled in self-amusement at the thought of holding true to something for a whole 12 months. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I am the queen of grand ideas and announcements, but eventually settle back into the familiarity of the true me (which, let me tell you, stays out of work out clothes and prefers a good book to anything hugely productive).

But that being said, I did have a "yikes" moment last week. My mom has made it a tradition at our house that with every major holiday and birthday, we honor that occasion. For birthdays, every goes around the table and says something that they love and appreciate about the birthday person. For Thanksgiving, it's something you're grateful for over the last year, and for New Years, it's the goals and resolutions you strive for in the new year. This year, I sat around the table last week, and couldn't come up with ONE THING that I wanted to accomplish this year. Nothing that I was hoping to succeed at. Nothing that was making me want to jump with excitement. Realizing hit me between the eyes. I always have SOMETHING that I'm working to achieve...something I'm dreaming of. So I have spent the last week thinking this through, and deciding that I absolutely want to have a dream that I can look back on 365 days from now and pat myself on the back for with an encouraging nod. I also know that I am not quite disciplined enough to commit to something for a whole year, so I've decided to split the year up and pick three things to focus on for each quarter of the year. So from now to March, I've got my three things. Three goals or dreams, or just simple small self-improvements. I'll keep you posted, and let you know if I've earned that encouraging nod at the end of three months!

I would be absolutely remiss to move into this new year without an encouraging nod to my self of 2009. This year has been marked by death and new life, and everything in between. There have been personal failures and achievements, memories and life. BethLaurren Photography has been through a lot this past year...I have been blessed with the most amazing clients this past year, and friendships that I cherish. I've spent the last few days looking back through old slideshows and remembering wedding receptions (and cakes!), remember the many "oh my gosh she's beautiful" rush of emotions, laughing at the moments I've caught of unsuspecting subjects, and smiling at every single couple that has touched my life this year. I have been honored to join so many people on their wedding day, and it's humbling and wonderful and emotional and precious.

I put together a slideshow of the wonderful weddings I have been a part of - you can see the **SLIDESHOW HERE**

Happy New Year to you. I hope you have found your dreams this past year and have looked at yourself and given an encouraging nod as you spring into another year, another opportunity to chase your dreams.