Monday, March 8, 2010

Brandon and Kelsey :: Engaged!

I love having the opportunity to shoot out of town. Chicago is (of course) the most marvelous city, but I really love getting away and learning to shoot with different variables. And let me tell you….Florida has a WONDERFUL variable of gorgeous, warm sun in March.

I flew into Orlando on Friday night to spend some time with my most wonderful friend Ashley, and had an engagement shoot scheduled with Brandon and Kelsey Sunday morning. Brandon is Ashley’s brother-in-law, and I was definitely looking forward to the familiarity of acquaintance for my first shoot of the year! I felt rusty just trying to pack all my gear (and managed to forget a few pertinent pieces like a card reader and external hard drive!), so the familiarity was a welcome calming!

Saturday brought the most delicious sun, so we switched their shoot to Saturday evening (although I’m pretty sure the threat of dragging them out of bed for a sunrise shoot was the deciding factor, not the sun!). We went to the Rollins College campus and I was immediately infatuated with it. It had all sort of corridors and arches and the most elegant cream architectural design.

Brandon and Kelsey met last summer completely on accident. Brandon crashed a dinner party that turned out to be Kelsey's going away party, and the rest is history! Listening to them talk about the early days and weeks when the realization set in that this was it for them made me smile, remembering butterflies from my own love story or long nights spent talking with no care for the time. It was a wonderful shoot with lots of laughing and talking and smiling! Kelsey is energetic and easily made to smile, and Brandon basically thinks she’s just gorgeous, which, hello! she is!


The light was so yummy all evening...


I loooove these next two!


Love the hair here...

And one more!

Brandon and Kelsey – it was so wonderful to spend the evening together with you, and get to know you both better. Kelsey, thanks for sticking it out and freezing through the sun down!! I can’t wait for your wedding this winter!

Enjoy the slideshow!


Cassie Schott said...

So many great shots! I'm loving the ones with the bright sunlight. :)

ginilangeimages said...

there are some very sweet pictures in did an awesome job.