Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mark and Erin :: Married!

Okay! For everyone that has been oh so patiently waiting..... I present to you Mark and Erin!

When I did Mark and Erin's engagement shoot, I was struck by how they interacted together, followed quickly by an intense desire to be great friends with them. I remember thinking how beautiful it was to watch them together because Mark was full of such complete adoration for this woman. I remember loving how he could pull a smile from her that I knew she saved only for him. And I remember being really excited to be with them on their wedding day. Last Saturday marked that day! And I'm distinctly pleased to announce that all those traits I remember about Erin and Mark have only grown stronger and more pronounced.

Erin is just such a beautiful soul. She's someone that I'd love to sit close to for several hours, over a pot of coffee and talk. She's someone that makes you feel like she'd be perfectly content to do that with you. She's quiet and calm. She has a smile that makes her eyes crinkle up at the corners and her eyes sparkle. She's uses 100% of her attention when she interacts with you. She made a stunning bride - one that Mark couldn't keep his eyes off of all day.


And then there's Mark. Mark loves people. He loves to talk, he loves to laugh, he loves to be insanely crazy with his correspondingly insanely crazy friends. He is passionate, quick to smile, and is madly, crazily, totally in love in the middle of it all. Mark strikes me "that guy" - the life of the party guy. The guy that walks into a room and the energy levels jump. And I love watching him in love with this gorgeous woman he married.


Mark had the craaaaziest wedding party. These men were...crazy. I can think of no better word. This photo was their idea, and I'm pretty sure I heard a bit of giggling as they got ready for it :)


Yes, Mark is friends with these boys...


I love these two people.




Mark and Erin - I hope you are relaxing on the beach and napping at ten o'clock in the morning. Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your day. Everything was lovely, and I love that I got to spend it with you!

Enjoy the slideshow - set to Mark and Erin's first dance song!


a s h l e y said...

as far as engagement shoots, this was definitely one of my favorite couples. they're even better married!! so sweet :)

momo said...

great images, betho! you really captured what turned out to be a lovely day.

Jenni said...

great job honey, as always! love photo 56

Mark said...

Can I comment on my own pictures? Is that allowed? Thanks for the great slideshow here. You really did a great job. Erin and I love it!!!

Thanks for everything. I am framing many of these with Erin, and the one of Stavros tying my shoe is going to him as a gift!

You did an amazing job!!! We are so grateful!!!