Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wedding Vows and a Sneak Peek!

"Do you...take this man...in sickness and in health..." Thankfully Nick isn't long term sick, but we have spent the last week learning a LOT about kidney stones - or "man labor" as we've been told it's referred to. Our education started with the ER last wednesday, continued by 13 hours in the hospital last Sunday, and followed up by some sort of shock wave treatment tomorrow. I'm hoping there is no final, because I'm just a tad bit too exhausted to take in more information on the subject! This poor man has been in so much pain and discomfort the last week - and all I can do is rub his head, and keep the vicodin flowing. I'm pretty sure this whole experience has been more emotionally traumatizing for me than for him!

In the middle of doctors and hospitals and pharmacy's - I got to spend the most LOVELY day with Mark and Erin on their wedding day. Lake Geneva provided a gorgeous backdrop for their day, coupled with the most hysterical wedding party, and a beautifully in love bride and groom. Sneak peek!


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Anxiously awaiting more please!!