Saturday, May 1, 2010


Every year, I evaluate my business, and make lists and lists (and did I mention lists?) of things I want to work on, change, update, refresh. I make my lists, and then I look through them to decide what of my crazy doodlings will actually be put in place this year. This year - my number one change was my website.

I invested in rapidly expanding ShowIt empire last year and put together a functional site at the time, just to have something online. But! Since "new website" was on top of my list this year, I started last November with new design ideas.

Let me tell you. This has been a LONG process to get here. I have scrapped hundreds of ideas, dug through hundreds of photos, listen to countless songs, asked Nick his opinion "okay, do you like this...or this better?" more times than should be allowed in a lifetime, and literally lost sleep over this. I had several "okay this is it! It's final!" ideas, only to let it sit for a few days and go back to the drawing board. I have refused to look at photography websites for 6 months, in an effort to not have my idea's molded by the other fantastic sites out there.

So I am now ridiculously pleased to present to you the BethLaurren Photography website. In all it's glorious completeness.


Go visit HERE, take a look around, and let me know what you think!

Special thank you's need to be mentioned:

First to Gary Guzman - thank you, you wonderful man, for letting me abuse my friendship with you and steal your perfectly composed, couldn't-possibly-fit-better music.

And of course to my wonderful husband, who tolerated long nights with me, selflessly allowed me time with my computer, quietly encouraged me, and answered my "what do you think" question for the 756th time. You made this process easier for me. I love you.

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Jenni said...

wow. i perfect is the only word that comes to mind