Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To the love of my life

“I, Bethany Lauren, take you, Nicholas Paul….”

Today marks two years of married life together. Two years of learning to live together, two years of new discoveries about each other in close quarters, two years of laughing and loving. Two years of hard conversations and the occasional stretched out fight. I have found a hundred new way to fall in love with you, and a hundred more reasons to do so.

“To be my lawfully wedding husband….”

I remember the day you proposed to me like it was yesterday. I remember the last sign you had up that day that read “we’ve come so far…” I remember standing there looking at you, trying desperately to burn the moment into memory. Just look at us now, love. Look at how far we’ve come since then. The challenges have been far overshadowed by the amazing tenderness we have together.

“To have and to hold from this day forward....”

If I knew on our wedding day what I now know, our vows would have been drastically different. We could have skipped all the usual things and said something more like this: “I take you, along with your dirty clothes on the floor, your propensity to steal the covers every night, your constantly messy car, your 3 day beard, and your preference to be anti-social”. And I’d beg you to vow to me something more like: “I take you, Beth, along with your excessive demands for a clean house, your propensity to hog the bed every night, your constantly high expectations, your excessive use of the snooze button, and your preference to watch Friends 14 million times a year.”

“Until death parts us.”

I will love you with every last breath I breathe. I will try my best to never forget to be romantic with you. I will endeavor every day to find a way to tell you how precious I know our love is. I will strive to create a home filled with love, acceptance, courage and grace. My heart is forever held by you, and I know it is safe in your hands. I love you from the depths of my heart.

Happy Anniversary, love.

photo credit to the amazing Kristen Leigh!


Michelle Van Loon said...

If you can say this after two years of marriage, what will you have to say after twenty-five - or fifty?


Happy Anniversary to my favorite wedding photographer and her faithful roadie. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...my son is so blessed to have you as his wife. And we are also blessed to have you in our family...our Beth, who lights up any room she walks into!!

Laura_Ashley said...

I LOVE this and I love reading about your experiences and adventures over the last two years. You brought tears to my eyes!

Love you!