Sunday, November 14, 2010

200th Post, Birthdays, and 5 years of love

200th. This is my 200th blog post!! I can't even believe that enough time has gone by to sustain 200 blog posts. For the sake of nostalgia, I tracked down the very first blog post I made. Sarah brought me with to Tony and Valerie's engagement session on Navy Pier. It was a dreary, wet day and I had borrowed my mom's Canon XTi camera and lens to use for the shoot. I very distinctly remember getting out car after parking, pushing my camera at Sarah and saying "I don't even know what to look for to make sure this is set up right for this.". I ended up accidentally shooting the entire shoot at 1600 ISO. Thankfully no one was counting on me for usable photos! Take a look....HERE..... thankfully I've gotten better :) I treasure that shoot though because it was the start of the crazy, thrilling dream of mine.

200 posts...and my birthday. Today is my 25th birthday, and I have embraced this birthday with open arms, and excitement. I have a dream list for this year. I figured I'd start it now instead of at the new year. The list is full of intensely personal goals, life goals like "stay healthy this year", and "mark the moment" kind of things. One of my favorite quotes is from Ben Stein and it says "the first thing to getting what you want out of life is this: know what you want.". So this year, I'm asking for things, I'm dreaming for things, and I'm making very specific requests from life.

200 posts, my birthday....and 5 years of love. 5 years ago, Nick was working three jobs, one part-time with me, one one the other part-time days, and one that he usually worked until midnight. I came into work on my birthday morning, and he came up to my desk and placed a tin in front of me with a birthday card in a red envelope on top. The tin held mint chocolate chip cookies that he made for me at 1am that morning, and they came with a dinner date invitation. Around a mouthfull of cookies, we settled on that Saturday night. It felt like the longest week of my life that week. I was so sure Saturday was neeeeeverrrrr going to come. But it did, and we fell in love, and this year marks 5 years of being together. 5 years of loving. 5 years of learning. 5 years of compromising. 5 years of being best friends. Nick makes me cookies, or some form of dessert, every year for my birthday. This year, I came home from lunch with my mom yesterday to find him standing by the kitchen table, with these scrumptious cupcakes (and home made frosting), and this box waiting for me :)

(I used my point and shoot camera....photographers are allowed to have them!)

The box? Held this. And I'm in love. It's so beautiful!

It's a big day today. And Nick has made this such an amazing birthday. I'm so grateful for every new year of cookies. And I'm so excited about this next year.

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Joy said...

Wonderful post... Happy 25 years of life. It's lovely to see you move into each new year with gratitude. Love you!