Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Erica and Chase :: Engaged!!

Meet Erica and Chase. Photobucket This was one of my favorite photos from the marvelous session I had with them the day before Thanksgiving. Photobucket Erica has this smile that just begs you to join her. Chase has eyes that tell of his intelligence. Erica is little itty bitty (seriously. I prefer not to stand too close to her.) Chase stands with confidence next to her. Photobucket I met Erica last year at Sarah and Ben's wedding. She was bouncing on the couch in the hotel suite where the girls were getting ready glowing just about as much as Sarah she was so excited that day. Photobucket She told me about her love, Chase, and how they were planning to get married soon, and oh, by the way, would I come to DC for a wedding? Photobucket I fell in love with her fiery self, we became facebook friends...and now she's getting married!! Photobucket So this beautiful lady showed up last week with her love beside her. And they.could.not.be.more.perfect.together. Photobucket They have been together for the last 10 years...first as friends, then as best friends, and now so deeply in love. Photobucket Photobucket There is something very unique about them together because of the span of life they have shared. So many of their formulative years were spent in close quarters and there is this deep comfort and innate knowledge of each other. (Favorite #1) Photobucket I discovered that they like to taste wine... (Favorite #2) Photobucket Photobucket They play Ultimate Frisbee (hard core, bone breaking frisbee!)... Photobucket Photobucket Erica fits perfectly with Chase. And I would hazard to guess that he knows just how to bring stillness to her like this... Photobucket Photobucket I really think that Chase is a romantic. Photobucket He holds this woman like he knows the treasure that she is. He hovers juuuust slightly over her. He just looks so darn happy! Photobucket Erica? I loved getting to meet your man. Chase? You have quite a woman there. Photobucket Photobucket (Favorite #3) Photobucket I can't wait for June. (Favorite #4) Photobucket CLICK HERE for the slideshow!!

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