Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nate and Jill :: Married!! :: Part 1

This is my very first two part post from a wedding. The first part of my editing process is to run through the photos and pick the images for the slideshow and then from there, pick the images I want to feature on my blog. So....I went through the process as usual and came away with one hundred ninety four photos. Whoops!! Even after two cull attempts from there, I still ended up with 144, and I can't bring myself to eliminate any more. So! Two posts it is! This wedding was long awaited for me. Jill and Nate are such a unique couple in their story and quite so in their passion. They've been together for eon's but have spent quite a bit of that time apart, letting life grow around them and following dreams and goals while still being connected. They have friends that surround them and know then well. They have a huge future before them that they are jumping into with two feet. But I'll tell you more about them in Part II of this post when I show you how stinking cute they are. This post is about their wedding. My lovely Jenni worked this wedding with me, and we headed out Friday night to South Bend for the night so we could start the morning fresh. We woke up and immediately headed out to the starbucks across the street and stopped and stared in dramatic horror at the scene that greeted our sleepy eyes. SNOW. Sticking snow. Thick gray clouds. Did I mention the snow?? I could only pray for some light later on. While I was at the salon with the girls... Photobucket Photobucket Jenni was at the hotel with the men. Photobucket Photobucket Back at the church, the room was filled with talking, laughter, Jimmy Johns, make up, smiling momma's and dresses. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Nate and Jill opted for a first look together. I know I've talked many times about how great a first look is - not only for the smoothness of your day, but because you get precious moments alone to celebrate your wedding together. Nate waited for Jill in a small chapel room, and Jill didn't even make it through the door before the tears started. Photobucket These two have waited a very very long time for this day, and their excitement at the fulfillment of their hopes and dreams absolutely permeated this time together. These images have officially become the poster board for why I suggest first looks to every couple I work with. You can't do this at the head of an aisle with 250 people looking on!! Photobucket Jenni caught this photo of Jill and her dad. Photobucket Kiss and married!! Photobucket Photobucket This moment is one of my favorites of a wedding day. Right after the ceremony, at the end of the aisle when the excitement of "we're married!!" comes and this huge hug comes. Photobucket Nate and Jill's wedding party was....wonderful. They surrounded themselves with kind, excited, loving friends on this day, and it was truly my pleasure to spend the day with them. We took photos before the ceremony and it was a picture perfect (albeit quite cold) time of the day - fresh snow on the ground and new snow falling. Cute gray boots made a perfect compliment. Photobucket Photobucket This photo cracks me up. Michael (the groomsmen in the middle) got married to the love of his life back in October, and I had the opportunity to shoot their beautiful wedding too. I'm extremely fond of this man and his wife, and because I know him well enough, I'm pretty sure he will not sue me for posting this photo :) Photobucket The reception was wonderful - full of love and laughter and lots of dancing :) I believe I heard mention that Nate personally handled the design and creation of the details here. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Their guestbook was a photo book with space for their guests to write a note, and this one caught my eye. Photobucket On a personal note - I love these three couples, oh so much. Tim and Meghan started this group last year when they got married, Michael and Emily continued it in October and Nate and Jill ended my year on a wonderful note. Photobucket Fist dance - love the intimacy here. Photobucket Jill accomplished something I have never seen at a wedding. After the first dances, she got her entire party on the floor. It was awesome. Photobucket Photobucket Love it. Photobucket Stay tuned for more photos of Nate and Jill and a slideshow!

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