Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Personal Post

When Nick and I got married, I walked down the aisle to an instrumental version of "Tale as Old as Time". Yes, the Beauty and the Beast song. I am well into my 20's and this movie still ranks as one of my top 10 favorites. Why? It's such a simple tale of love.

 It's a tale of a girl with a dream for something more. Something exciting. Something bigger. And? She finds it in love. Of course there is the entertaining aspect of the talking household items (who doesn't love Cogsworth, or giggle at the side story of Lumiere and the french "sweep"??) but the very heart of this story is about a heart that was yearning for something out of life...something she found in love. The way that love is portrayed in this movie slays my soul every time I watch it. I am very much like Belle. I have always dreamed and ached and yearned for more. Anything more. My heart has always been restless. Until? Until I fell in love. I found my very very handsome beast and have been given everything my heart was reaching for. I just didn't know it was love until I found it. It's my very own tale, as old as time.

Nick is taking me tonight to see Beauty and the Beast (released in theaters in 3D). This man knows me :)

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