Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Year in Review :: Personal

To follow up the post about all of my amazing clients and friends and the lives I've been able to capture this past year, I wanted to give a review of my life personally. In typical fashion, as new years rolled around, I posed the question again: what were the highlights of the year?

There were a few very obvious ones for me: Italy with Nick (blog post coming soon), renewing our lease at this apartment again, my third nephew joining the family. There have been many many sweet moments with friends, wonderful times with my families, growing and loving moments in my marriage, and many times of (good) struggle and challenges personally. 

As at the end of every year - I am grateful for the life this year has given and been, and am excited to see what is ahead. These images below (Instagram edited) are just a very very few snapshots of my world this past year. From the babies that joined us, early morning sunrises, family, friends, love and small touches in my life. 

Happy New Year everyone. 

Coming Soon: Next Blog: {Cal and Kassi :: Married!}

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