Thursday, August 30, 2012

Justin and Kristy :: Engaged!

I knew when I sat down with Kristy and Justin for an initial meeting that I wanted this wedding. Badly. Kristy bounced in her seat. Justin was outgoing. They smiled a lot and laughed even more. I wanted to be a part of this story, for sure.

Fast forward a few months, and just one month before thier pending vineyard nuptials in Galena (eeep!!!) we met at Kristy's family property for engagement photos. I loved that they picked a place that meant to much to them. It seemed like a "rite of passage" to be capturing their love in the place that Kristy grew up.


Bombshell smile! Photobucket

What can I tell you about these two? They met years ago through Kristy's sister and Justin played hard-to-get at first.


But from what I hear, Kristy was a goner almost from the first. And then she was a woman on a mission.

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In my head, the story goes very fairy tale-like: "Justin looked up, and saw Kristy and there was a flash of light as he realized it was she he had been looking for his whole life."


I'm sure the real story was a little different than that, but however it happened, this dude was a goner :) He fell head over heels for this girl and goodness is it sweet to see.

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Kristy totally worked the shoot - breaking out in laughter, smiles, some sweet dances moves, and song.


I can't even wait for these two in wedding finery.

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My over active imagination sees Kristy sitting with her legs swinging over the edge of this bridge as a teen, while dreaming about her future and her man...

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Can't wait for next month you guys!!


CLICK HERE to see the slideshow!!

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