Thursday, March 21, 2013

Liz and Marat :: Married!

These two. I just adore them. They fit like two extremely intelligent puzzle pieces together. Liz laughs with her whole self, and Marat joins in. He takes care of the small details, while she reminds him of the big picture. They take turns sharing parts of a story until you've heard the whole thing. They pause and look at each other to silently relay a thought and then carry on with the conversation around them. He stands by her and looks proud to have such a vivacious, open, loving woman next to him, and she watches, encourages, and supports him while standing very close to his side.

Their wedding day was a culmination of months of planning, several new homes, a lot of family gathering and many friends surrounding them. It was a wonderful thing to be a part of and to watch these two be surrounded by so many. The day dawned bitingly cold, but filled with a room of laughing attendants as hair and make up were expertly handled by Nichole and Elsie at Sharon Daniel Salon, dresses were donned, and excitement filled the air. The day only got better from there, culminating in dancing until all hours of the morning in celebration.

Liz and Marat thank you so much for the opportunity to get to know you over these last few months. I wish you both a wonderful life together full of love and laughter!

(CLICK HERE to see the slideshow!)

 photo GettingReady-3_zps1be1112d.jpg
 photo GettingReady-16_zps58056146.jpg
 photo GettingReady-19_zps4e685589.jpg
 photo GettingReady-81_zpsbe1d94b1.jpg

Gorgeous bouquets by A Perfect Petal.

 photo GettingReady-142_zps976dcc40.jpg
 photo GettingReady-67_zps3a65ab18.jpg
 photo GettingReady-49_zps640f3b96.jpg
 photo GettingReady-54_zpse2b6eb8c.jpg
 photo GettingReady-24_zps229f0fb2.jpg
 photo GettingReady-42_zpseecb7612.jpg
 photo GettingReady-64_zpsc8d64194.jpg

This is always one of my very favorite "getting ready" moments - the bride finally putting on her wedding dress, surrounded by her closets friends helping her final preparations to be a bride. I just love it!

 photo GettingReady-157_zps31a258de.jpg
 photo GettingReady-172_zps3b7a8d54.jpg
 photo GettingReady-173_zps62b2dece.jpg

Given how early it gets dark in Chicago at this time of year, Liz and Marat decided to do a first look and get all there photos wrapped up before the ceremony. Another moment I love during the day :)

 photo FirstLook-12_zpsae82a853.jpg
 photo FirstLook-19_zps1b917149.jpg
 photo FirstLook-27_zpsd1883833.jpg

 photo Ceremony-7_zps2d2c4944.jpg

The Kettubah signing - a beautiful moment and seeped so in so much rich tradition and purpose.

 photo Ceremony-65_zps66454e04.jpg
 photo Ceremony-7_zps2d2c4944.jpg
 photo Ceremony-143_zps0a26c926.jpg


 photo Ceremony-196_zps48a0e4b5.jpg

We minimized our outdoor time and started indoors at Friendship Park Conservatory

 photo LizMarat-3_zps62455e92.jpg

But Liz, Marat and they're fabulous wedding party were totally game for the cold and wind, and allowed for some gorgeous light and snow photos!! It was soooo cold - I can't tell you how much this group pulled it together for these photos!!!

 photo BridalParty-38_zps8e15bfb8.jpg

I love Liz. I just want to constantly hug her! She is such a sweet spirit, with this strength and determination mixed in.

 photo LizMarat-23_zpsc4416b93.jpg
 photo LizMarat-33_zps7325fc3e.jpg
 photo LizMarat-68_zps515ce870.jpg
 photo LizMarat-75_zps0e12b235.jpg

Marat my friend, you clean up well ;)

 photo LizMarat-83_zps7da89580.jpg


 photo LizMarat-50_zpsdabd11c8.jpg

La Mirage did a fabulous job hosting their reception - complete with an amazing amount of beautiful food!

 photo Cocktails-2_zps60aa63b2.jpg
 photo Cocktails-6_zps80bd3006.jpg
 photo Reception-6_zps2d21709e.jpg
 photo Reception-20_zps92964e4d.jpg

The gorgeous cake by La Briola bakery.

 photo Reception-33_zpsd4ccb7fd.jpg
 photo Reception-30_zpsde176eed.jpg

Some fabulous toasts with amazing reactions from the bride and groom.

 photo Reception-61_zps07ea3efe.jpg
 photo Reception-82_zpsfbbd6635.jpg

Liz elected to have her best friend be her Man of Honor and I just love this relationship. There is such a kinship between these two that was evident all day long - from the stories passed around getting ready in the morning, to the way he steadfastly froze outside with us to help move Liz around for photos, and the way he hovered during the day just in case Liz needed something....anything.

 photo Reception-77_zpsb6f1b462.jpg

The dance floor was moving all night thanks to the combined work of DJ Harsh and live band Alexander Starobinets.

 photo Reception-184_zpse98e6800.jpg
 photo Reception-134_zpsfd89e958.jpg
 photo Reception-229_zpsb594d9ad.jpg

 photo Reception-266_zps403191e9.jpg

Additional credit to Precision Sound and Lighting for the fabulous lighting, and Go Wedding Video for capturing the day on video!