Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mark and Joy :: Maternity!

I love these two (+1) people. Mark and Joy are two of the most immensely kind people in the world. Really. I had the pleasure of meeting Mark's entire family last year for a photo session, and it's something in the genes - they all love to smile, they all are friendly and open, they are all happy people. So when Mark and Joy reached out to me about taking some maternity and eventually some newborn photos for them, I jumped at the chance.

As it was February in Chicago, we met at the beautiful Chicago Cultural Center and wandered around for a bit together. Joy, thank you a million times for being such a champ about the multiple trips up and down stairs. Mark, thanks for being a pack horse as we moved around. And a big thank you to both of you for the blessing of your sweet hearts. This little baby is one lucky little girl.

 photo BabyLove-3_zpsf5b1d588.jpg
 photo BabyLove-135_zps80fd66a1.jpg
 photo BabyLove-13_zpsd67d2b1d.jpg
 photo BabyLove-152_zpsdbdb02b1.jpg
 photo BabyLove-31_zps0a48829c.jpg
 photo BabyLove-24_zps2bf41e11.jpg
 photo BabyLove-134_zps07567f31.jpg
 photo BabyLove-52_zpsacfaf152.jpg
 photo BabyLove-26_zpsbff9dae4.jpg
 photo BabyLove-98_zpsa9c28342.jpg
 photo BabyLove-76_zpsdb133447.jpg
 photo BabyLove-6_zps7fa53761.jpg
 photo BabyLove-56_zps850dc853.jpg
 photo BabyLove-22_zpsd04e12a6.jpg
 photo BabyLove-92_zpsaecf013d.jpg
 photo BabyLove-81_zps448e6388.jpg
 photo BabyLove-41_zps83c1aeca.jpg
 photo BabyLove-151_zpsed9f78ea.jpg
 photo BabyLove-138_zps75a89689.jpg
 photo BabyLove-87_zps574c414e.jpg
 photo BabyLove-120_zps8caccc82.jpg
 photo BabyLove-69_zps6e800559.jpg
 photo BabyLove-168_zpse982fc64.jpg
 photo BabyLove-87_zps574c414e.jpg
 photo BabyLove-116_zps7bf8d365.jpg
 photo BabyLove-84_zpsab5d68fe.jpg

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Sherry Dunning said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

Thank you Beth for your amazing pictures!