Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Moving On.

Well Blogger. It's time. You've been very good to me over the years, and we had a great run together but it's time for new things.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Amanda and Levi :: Engaged!

"Kiss me once, then kiss me twice
Then kiss me once again
It's been a long, long time"
~Bing Crosby

 photo AampLEngagement-232_zpsf925f8f6.jpg

I have a best friend, Ashley. She has a little sister, Amanda. Amanda met the love of her life, Levi. And as all perfect love stories go, Levi loves Amanda :)

 photo AampLEngagement-62_zpsaffd63c2.jpg
 photo AampLEngagement-113_zpse93ecd46.jpg
 photo AampLEngagement-159_zps829d78dd.jpg

It was years of knowing each other, and many years of a crush....many games of Words with Friends. And then it became long phone conversations and finally....finally a first date.

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It was the beginning of a forever love story. And not long after, Levi proposed on their favorite bridge - the one they loved to drive out to, and get out to dance.

 photo AampLEngagement-208_zps921339d8.jpg
 photo AampLEngagement-201_zpsb12f6993.jpg

"You'll never know how many dreams
I dreamed about you
so kiss me once, then kiss me twice
then kiss me once again"

 photo AampLEngagement-50_zpsbccd18cb.jpg
 photo AampLEngagement-68_zpse712a57f.jpg
 photo AampLEngagement-128_zps516d6e72.jpg
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 photo AampLEngagement-237_zpsaa1261e9.jpg

Levi, Amanda and I met up last Saturday for their engagement session and God's smile was on us - it was a break in weeks of 10 degrees and drear with a surprising 40 degrees and full sun. It could not have been more perfect! Amanda and Levi were in love, there was sun, and it was warm.

 photo AampLEngagement-130_zps19ea8d85.jpg
 photo AampLEngagement-61_zps971cd53b.jpg
 photo AampLEngagement-229_zps7b686d72.jpg

These two are....darling. Excitement about their life together shimmers around them in the way they walk together holding hands, in the way Levi smiles and in the way Amanda bounces.

 photo AampLEngagement-152_zpsa6cc996b.jpg
 photo AampLEngagement-123_zps3918f0eb.jpg
 photo AampLEngagement-111_zps2fdc78b0.jpg


 photo AampLEngagement-139_zps4d9a625d.jpg
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They talk about how hard the distance is right now with Levi at school, and how great it will be to finally say goodnight in person, and not on the phone.

 photo AampLEngagement-24_zps160fa389.jpg
 photo AampLEngagement-34_zps241b7478.jpg

There are wedding plans and excitement, don't get me wrong, but these two are so focused on the life together after that.

 photo AampLEngagement-93_zpscee87286.jpg

So focused on what forever means to each of them.

 photo AampLEngagement-215_zps0aa0bdeb.jpg
 photo AampLEngagement-9_zps22e81fd6.jpg

So focused on keeping God as their center, their anchor, and celebrating the life He gives them together.

 photo AampLEngagement-240_zps408beff8.jpg
 photo AampLEngagement-222_zps7346bb43.jpg

Amanda and Levi - I am so excited to be a part of your wedding.

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 photo AampLEngagement-186_zps2594bf4e.jpg

At the end of every shoot I tell the couple "this is it! make it count!" and utterly adore the results every.time.

 photo AampLEngagement-257_zps02257fa7.jpg

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