Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ethan :: 6 Months!

My 2013 season has kicked off, and I could not be happier to be back to shooting. After a very necessary and very refreshing season of rest over the holidays, I'm feeling very recharged and ready to take on this year! I've been working on a massive rebrand of BethLaurren Photography these last two months and am so close to releasing the new everything!! Stay tuned on that :)

The very first shoot of the season was back with the incredible kind, loving and comfortable Kelly and Amol and little baby Ethan - capturing his impish little 6 month old self. I had the honor of taking some newborn shots of this little fella, and can't believe he's grown so much already. He has a huge toothless smile, drools constantly, and has cheeks perfect for smushy kisses. Happy viewing!

 photo Family-18_zps794dc295.jpg
 photo Family-1_zpsef3700ae.jpg
 photo Family-98_zps08594a5d.jpg
 photo Family-151_zpse312be06.jpg
 photo Family-83_zps94907c08.jpg
 photo Family-112_zpsa7b4214d.jpg
 photo Family-66_zps8713d6fa.jpg
 photo Family-103_zps59b42a96.jpg
 photo Family-23_zps2fbbf53c.jpg
 photo Family-27_zps7f6945a5.jpg
 photo Family-30_zpsfd1f1534.jpg
 photo Family-135_zps0b437dcb.jpg
 photo Family-122_zps022df47e.jpg
 photo Family-100_zps90f926e4.jpg
 photo Family-73_zps0d543e43.jpg
 photo Family-42_zps0d7c3a0d.jpg
 photo Family-16_zpsb63db958.jpg
 photo Family-47_zps793bf9d7.jpg
 photo Family-105_zps80af5091.jpg
 photo Family-11_zpsb281cbf2.jpg
 photo Family-143_zpsa7f53340.jpg
 photo Family-56_zpsd79948cb.jpg
 photo Family-119_zps0b502416.jpg
 photo Family-96_zpscd71c6bb.jpg
 photo Family-109_zps741f13b7.jpg

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sisters and Horses :: Personal

My little sister is quite the woman - she lives life packed to the gills. Usually with work and school related things, but with the occasional outside-the-box activity....like horse riding. She took lessons at Woodstock Equestrian for a time, just because. Just because she wanted to. Just because it would teach her a new skill. Just because it would be fun. I love her for many reasons, but one of those reasons is the way she reminds me to do things just to try it.

I went out one day during her lesson and snapped some shots of her and never processed them. While digging through old photos for website images, I ran across them and stopped for the joy of editing and just love these images.

He was a little interested in me....

And then very interested :)